Laser Vision Correction

Today, there are a lot of laser vision correction. How to make the right choice, because the decision about laser vision correction is taken once in your life? How to protect yourself from possible difficulties? How to safely get rid of glasses or contact lenses? Have a look at  The patient must know

We are convinced that the patient must have a clear understanding of the techniques and technologies that will be used in the operation. And never made any secret of their work and its remarkable results. Why the company chose to correct myopia is the laser system "Profile -500 ", see our story .

The essence of the excimer laser vision correction is that the laser light from the surface layers of the cornea correction lens is formed, resulting in a reduced ability to focus the optics of the eye image precisely on the retina. This formation can be done in different ways.

Excimer laser system "Profile -500 " is working on the technology Trans- PRK ®. When her work uses a laser beam ( see Fig. 1 ), covering the entire area once the operation and leaving no roughness that is inherent in other laser installations, forced to " plot " a desired shape of the cornea to achieve the refractive effect ( see Fig. 2) .

Figure 1 - A wide laser beam "Profile -500 " covers the entire area of ​​operation area simultaneously.

Figure 2 - The principle of " drawing " of  the required profile of the cornea in laser systems other than the " Profile " .

The density of the higher energy laser beam at the center area and decreases toward the edges in accordance with a particular mathematical law ( Gaussian radial distribution - Fig. 3).

Figure 3 - The Gaussian profile of the radial distribution of energy density .

Thanks to a distribution of the energy density is completely absent band edge operation! Absolutely! In conjunction with a broad beam, ultimately gives the patient great vision at dusk (when pupil is dilated ).  Besides, the corneal surface retains its natural curvature .

Each laser pulse "Profile -500 " removes from the surface of the cornea microscopic lenses , the totality of which determines the final refractive effect . The number and the parameters of these "lenses" are calculated individually for each patient.

Actually the operation takes less than 1 minute on each eye, during which the patient is just looking at fixing light. During this time, an invisible laser beam vaporizes ( ablates ) with several thin layers of the cornea, changing it as necessary focusing force in the optical zone.

Contraindications to refractive surgery are:

  • glaucoma
  • cataract
  • keratoconus
  • uveitis and inflammatory diseases of the eye
  • progressive myopia
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • monophtalm ( only seeing myopic eye operated )
  • common diseases such as tuberculosis , diabetes , rheumatoid and acute infectious diseases .

Everything is ultimately decided by the patient and his doctor .

Complete healing ( epithelialization ) occurs within days after surgery. After a week of visual acuity a patient will drive and play sports. Final stabilization is coming up to 2 months depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and the degree of initial myopia. It is logical to assume that a patient with initial myopia in 15 dioptres healing will be a little longer than a patient with a negative one. All this time the patient is checked up by his doctor.

Recommended viewing time after surgery ( post-operative examinations in the company "Ost -Optik K" FREE )

  • 3 days
  • 1 week,
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months from the date of the transaction.

Possible disruption of the healing process of the cornea found by a doctor at an early stage is the key to further successful treatment.

By analogy with the camera - poor vision can be caused by a "lack of sharpness " and "bad film ", " bad display of the film " or even  " broken camera " . Excimer laser restores the "sharpness " optics of the eye. However, myopia - is not only a defect of refraction. Most often it is the result of myopic disease, which can carry a host of complications - is peeling and retinal tears, degenerative processes that are detected by the patient is too late, when nothing helps neither spectacles nor contact lenses. Excimer laser surgery will not help with the solution of these problems, because it is not designed for it. But they are detected immediately during diagnosis and have all the facilities and grounds in order to take immediate action to at least stabilize the negative process!

It should be stressed that the preliminary diagnosis, methods of operation and postoperative surveillance of patients are conducted in strict accordance with the recommendations of the State Institution IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" named in honor of Fyodorov (Moscow ). It was there that the surgeon "Ost -Optik K" were trained and received certificates . Experience IRTC " Eye Microsurgery" of excimer laser vision correction simply has no analogues in the world nor in the technology used or the duration of postoperative observation. Proper use of this knowledge gives reason to believe that today patients "Ost -Optik K" is guaranteed by the most advanced medical care in the field of laser vision correction.

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