How it is done

This section has information for those people who want to do an operation on vision correction, but do not know with what to start. Also there is information for those people who are recommended to undergo a procedure of retina strengthening (laser coagulation).

So what exact actions and in what order they are recommended to do.


Age of a patient.
Such kind of surgery is recommended for patients whose age ranges from 18 to 45. Decision for a surgery is taken individually by the operation doctor if patient is less than 18 (only for entering a military or a maritime academy, a flight school, etc.) or more than 45.

The cost for an operation and all current discounts can be seen in the section Prices. Please note that the operation price does not depend on the degree of myopia, age of a patient, or whether he or she has astigmatism or not.

Presurgical diagnosis
To undergo an operation in our clinic it is needed to make a phone call on +7(423) 2-314-997 and schedule an appointment for a presurgical examination (diagnosis). It is possible to use the form for an online appointment. If a patient wears contact lenses, it is necessary not to wear them within the period of three days before the examination (it is possible to wear spectacles during this time). The process of diagnosis takes 1 hour and a half. It implies a complete eye examination and a detailed consultation with a doctor and a manager on all the issues. It is recommended to have sunglasses with you; it is not good if you drive yourself. Cost for a diagnosis is 4000 rubles. After the diagnosis a patient receives complete information on the planned postsurgical result and all the necessary recommendations for the preparing to the operation in a written form. Data of the diagnosis are valid within one month. 

Operations are being performed each Wednesday.
The patient decides on the operational day and prepares for the date according to these recommendations: he/she submits analyses, buys the medicines needed for postsurgical instillation. Operation is made out-patiently and doesn't imply stationary admission.
Operation is totally painless!
Operation can be performed in any season which is comfortable for a patient.

Postsurgical recommendations:

  1. Within 7 - 10 days it will be a little unusual to read, write and work on the computer. From the date of operation the sick-leave (for working) and the corresponding certificate (for pupils) can be given out.
  2. It is possible to start sports activities and driving in 5-10 days after the operation (depending on features of healing).
  3. It is necessary to come on postsurgical examinations in time. All examinations within half a year from the moment of carrying out a surgery are FREE OF CHARGE.
  4. It is necessary to instill drops within 1.5 - 2 months according to the doctor’s recommendations very accurately.
  5. It is important to follow a postsurgical regimen:
  • Within the period of an instillation it is necessary not to drink alcohol and visit bath-houses, saunas, swimming-pools.
  • Within the period of an instillation it is not recommended to eat a lot of sour, spicy and salty food and also to drink coffee and carbonated beverages.
  • Within 2 - 3 months after the surgery it is not allowed to take biologically active agents and additives.


Besides, short-sighted patients and the people getting to group of risk need to keep the condition of fundus of eye and retina under control in order to notice changes at fundus of eye in time and carry out preventive strengthening of a retina (coagulation).


Procedures of preventive strengthening of a retina are carried out with the help of the argon laser “Ultima-2000” by technology of the Moscow clinic of the Moscow “Eye Microsurgery” Center named after S. N. Fedorov. Ophthalmic surgeons of “Ost-Optic К Co., Ltd.” are trained in Interbranch Scientific and Technical Complex “Eye Microsurgery" in Moscow.

Potential patients (risk group):
- Short-sighted people
- People who are engaged in hard physical work
- Athletes
- Future mothers (procedure is carried out from 12 to 30 weeks of pregnancy)
- People who are more than 45 years

Age of a patient from 18 to 55 years (before the procedure patients who are more than 45 years old are recommended to do an electrocardiogram and receive a conclusion decision of a primary care doctor).

For the cost of procedure please visit the section “Prices”.

Preliminary examination
To carry out such a procedure in our company it is necessary to make a call on the phone number +7(423) 2-314-997 and schedule an appointment for the examination of the fundus of eye with the Goldmann lens. Examination takes about 1 hour (with pupil dilatation) and costs 1000 rubles. It is recommended to have sunglasses with you. The patient receives complete information on a condition of a fundus of eye and a retina. If it is required, the doctor recommends procedure of strengthening of a retina to the required extent. Examination is valid within one month.

Retina strengthening
Procedure of retina strengthening can be carried out right after the end of examination of a fundus of eye (with dilated pupil) or on any other day within a month from the moment of examination.
The procedure is absolutely painless! It can be performed in any season which is more comfortable for a patient!

Postsurgical recommendations:
After carrying out the procedure within 10 days it is necessary to exclude:
- hot bathtubs, saunas, bath-houses;
- eating hot food;
- tanning, including in a tanning room;
- drinking alcohol;

Besides the doctor can prescribe taking of some medicines (drops, vitamins) or biologically active additives.