Choosing a clinic

How do you choose a health care institution conducting a laser correction? As a matter of fact such service is being offered by several centers. What should a patient pay the attention to before signing a contract with the administration of this or that institution?

Recommendations on choosing a clinic are quite simple.

First of all, it is the time of the company’s work on the medical services market, namely in the sphere of ophthalmology, vision correction. It is a license for EXACTLY this kind of activity that the company must have. The license shouldn’t be for other kinds of activities not prohibited by existing legislation. All documents must be available for patients.

The second aspect that you should pay your attention to is the reputation of a clinic. For a long time of work the company must show itself to good advantage. It is sensible to ask your friends and acquaintances on this question. Surely, you will find a person who has already done this operation or whose acquaintances have done it. Besides, when asking the questions, it is very important to focus on WHERE the operation has been carried out and WHO has done it.  

Technical equipment of a clinic is also a significant factor. And here it is important to pay the attention to the quality of the equipment rather than to its quantity. The equipment should be in an appropriate technical state and meet all the requirements imposed to the acquired vision after the operation. The methods which are applicable in a clinic should be:

1)     Safe,

2)     Have minimal complications,

3)     Obtain a possibility to correct such complications.

One more aspect in choosing a clinic is the experience of doctors. It is essential for a doctor to have adequate experience of work in this very institution, with this equipment, and possessing all appropriate certificates. It is also of significance that only one doctor watches the patient for the whole time starting with diagnostic and until obtaining the result. Because only in this case there is no distortion of information within different steps of the process “diagnostic – operation - watching”, which can emerge when a patient has to visit several doctors.

As well as the personnel of a clinic should give clear and certain answers to your questions, they shouldn’t blink or fence with a question, they should be friendly and welcoming. Also the workers shouldn’t force upon a service, speak ill of competitors, but they should be very honest with a patient. Surely, the information about alternative methods of vision correction with their advantages and disadvantages should be presented to the patient in an easy-understandable manner.

And is it necessary to say that the personnel of the clinic dealing with vision correction shouldn’t be wearing spectacles and lenses?