Laser " Profile -500 "

The company "Ost-Optic K" from the early days of its work cooperates closely with Moscow IRTC " Eye Microsurgery" named in honor of S.N. Fyodorov. How was born and in what ways was excimer laser refractive surgery in the IRTC ? Detailed history of the creation, development and improvement of excimer laser unit class "profile", you can find at its website on the IRTC in the stages of development of laser refractive surgery in the IRTC.

Since August 1999, the company " Ost-Optik K" operations are performed for the correction of myopia and compound myopic astigmatism at the " Profile -500 ". Back in the mid-80s Fyodorov pays close attention to the use of the excimer laser eye surgery. Together with Nobel Prize N.G. Basov and Prokhorov A.M. (Institute of General Physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR ) designs and produces a series of installations excimer laser " Profile " and methods for the treatment of myopia. Setting " Profile 500 " - a new technology in this field. It allows you to perform operations with myopia without mechanical stress on the eyes, as is the case with similar Japanese laser " Nidek 5000 . " With foresight and perseverance Fedorova S.N. Russian ophthalmology does not lag behind the west, even in this expensive area of ​​medicine " (Quote from here).

Excimer laser system of the fifth generation of the "Profile -500"

The technology on which the operation of the laser "Profile -500 " was developed and patented in Russia and is the proud name of " Progressive super - PRK " (Trans - PRK ®). A large amount of observations can confidently say - it is a safe and very effective technology! It has none of the complications that are so diligently intimidate the layman concerned competitive manufacturers of glasses and contact lenses as well as supporters of the controversial, but, nevertheless, widely used technology LASIK. Why the company chose this particular laser system you can also see in the section of our history.

The film is about the laser "Profile -500"

We are convinced that the patient must have an understanding of the techniques and technologies that will be used in the operation. And never made any secret of their work and its remarkable results.

For clarity, have a look at a cutscene. This course of actual operation. Please note that during eye surgery is not for nothing, we make no cuts, no set of accessories, except for special eye speculum (spring-loaded blepharostat) .

The Real Deal in " Ost –Optik K " onto the excimer laser system "Profile -500 "

By the way, the recent congresses of Russian ophthalmologists in the " Cataract and Refractive eye surgery"  is dominated by reports on the work with the " Profile -500 ." Among them - the message that patients who underwent surgery for this procedure, return even to flight work!

Points - it's elegant, but you can wear glasses with plain glass " for the image of " contact lenses - it's convenient, but there are lens - " my best " all sorts of colors and shades, just select, and here to see all of their healthy eyes - is far better! And you can not argue with that, right?

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