Nonresident patients

Information from this section will be useful for patients who live outside the Primorsky region.

Awareness of the results of operations carried out by the technology "TRANS-PRK" («Транс-ФРК®») has spread far beyond the Primorki territory. Patients from Sakhalin, Kamchatka, the Khabarovsk Territory, Magadan, Birobidzhan, Abakan, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and even from the cities located in the great distance from the Far East come to our company for great eyesight. We also have foreign patients from Japan, China, Spain, and Germany.


Work with nonresident patients of the company “Ost-Optik К Co., Ltd.” is being carried out according to the following model:

1.  First of all a patient needs to do an automatic refractometry at the place of residence. The results should be sent to following e-mail: or by fax: 8 (423) 2-314-997. If possible, indicate the patient’s age and maximal corrected acuity of vision (number of lines in a table that a patient can see by each eye with his accurately selected spectacles or lenses) and information of diseases. On the basis of the received data a doctor in the field of ophthalmosurgery, who is working in “Ost-Optik К Co., Ltd.”, will make a decision about the possibility of performing an operation. No more eye examination is needed! This is the operating surgeon who does all the required examinations. Operation is not performed on the basis of diagnosis not made by our specialists.

2. If the doctor of “Ost-Optik К Co., Ltd.” affirms the operation, the patient buys tickets. The most comfortable time to come to Vladivostok is the weekend. It is needed to make a preliminary phone call on (423) 2-314-997 and schedule an appointment for a presurgical examination on Monday or Tuesday. It is also possible to use the form for an online appointment. At the place of residence it is needed to submit the following analyses:

- clinical blood analysis,
- WR (Wasserman reaction),
- common urine examination,
- photoroentgenography.
On the basis of these analyses it is needed to get the conclusion decision of the primary care doctor. Period of validity is 10 days and nights. The analyses should be valid at the moment of operation.

3. As operations are performed on Wednesdays, it is recommended to do it on the nearest Wednesday after the arrival. It is also recommended to undergo postsurgical supervision for not less than 10 days. It means that you need to plan your staying in Vladivostok for two weeks (from weekend to weekend).

4. A patient will need a companion. After an operation it will be difficult to cope with instillation by oneself, yet it is possible.

5. The cost for operation and all current discounts can be seen in the section “Prices”.

6. After the operation and while the patient is in Vladivostok, he/she is supervised by a regular doctor, then the patient is supervised at the place of residence and communicates with his/her regular doctor by telephone (e-mail or fax). And a regular doctor gives recommendations for the postsurgical treatment remotely (drops instillations are done within the period of 1.5 or 2 months after the operation).

Postsurgical recommendations:

  • Within 7 - 10 days it will be a little unusual to read, write and work on the computer. From the date of operation the sick-leave (for working) and the corresponding certificate (for pupils) can be given out.
  •  It is possible to start sports activities and driving in 5-10 days after the operation (depending on features of healing).
  • It is necessary to come on postsurgical examinations in time. All examinations within half a year from the moment of carrying out a surgery are FREE OF CHARGE.
  • It is necessary to instill drops within 1.5 - 2 months according to the doctor’s recommendations very accurately.
  • It is important to follow a postsurgical regimen:

- Within the period of an instillation it is necessary not to drink alcohol and visit bath-houses, saunas, swimming-pools.
- Within the period of an instillation it is not recommended to eat a lot of sour, spicy and salty food and also to drink coffee and carbonated beverages.
- Within 2 - 3 months after the surgery it is not allowed to take biologically active agents and additives.